“Lighting Beacons of Excellence, Versatility and Solidarity in our Unified Commitment to Aggrandizing History by Reaching Beyond in Response to Emerging Challenges” (Third place, National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NFJPIA) On the spot Essay Writing Contest)

The old cliché “Together we stand, divided we fall’,  though as trite as it may seems still holds true especially at this point in time when the country has the propensity of reaching the nadir of its economy.

A consensus of exemplary talents and skills will make a difference.  Our present situation tends to be a game of survival of the fittest.  Those extraordinary people will instigate the metamorphosis.  Those mediocre ones will stay where they are and those inferior individuals will never have the chance to prosper.  Furthermore, those survivors, if not given the chance, will be good for nothing.  If they will nourish the crab mentality in them, only few will make it to the top, and still it will make no change.

The catastrophic fiscal crisis our country is facing today calls for excellence, versatility, and solidarity.  These requisites should all be present in order to annihilate the menace of poverty.  A group of excellent and versatile achievers, if not united is useless.  Conversely, a union of nincompoop souls is a big farce.

The symbiosis among us should be a matter of give and take relationship.  We will give you what we have that you do not have and you will give us what you have that we do not have.  The devastating effect of mushrooming challenges is a no-no if treated with the cathartic aftermath of sheer determination and pure heart.

Footnote:  the topic was provided.  All the academic and non-academic contests were held simultaneously.  Time-constraint, I was not able to think and write more.

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