Commentaries Medium- English Rotary Family

Make Dreams Real (Acceptance Speech, RACSPE Induction, RY 2008-2009/ Editorial Proper, The Discerning Eye, The Official Newsletter of RID 3820 Rotaract Clubs)

Dream, dream and dream because in the first place, dreaming is the only thing left in this world that’s free. There is no toll. There is no tax imposed upon it. Dream as much as you can.

Dreaming is the catalyst of success. Our journeys start with a mere dream and further dreaming gives us graduated levels of optimism till we are finally sure that we will make it to the end. Dreaming gives us the momentum to strive harder and stride farther. Dreaming is the driving force that pushes us to our limits, and dreaming pulls us out of the system when we are not conscious and cautious of the process.

Some uses dreaming as an escape mechanism, an invisible portal between   truth and fantasy. They endure the pain of reality as long as they enjoy the pleasure of phantasm. There comes  a    critical point, and an iota of  space after it is either megalomania or grandeur delusion.

Dream! Then…what?

The first step is to sort and filter your dreams. The most probable to occur being on the top of the list and those remote ones on the bottom. Filter your list by recognizing only those worthy of your time, effort and other resources. There are some things in this life that are not really meant for us. Don’t waste your resources on them. Let them go. Focus your capabilities on your top dreams instead.

After sorting and filtering, apply the scientific method. The mere fact that your dreams are “still” dreams, there is a problem why it is so. State your problems. Look for solutions. Consider alternative solutions. Choose the best solution. Solve the problem. Voila! The problem is eradicated and you are on your way to the realization of your dreams. As simple as that.

However, it is quite more self-fulfilling if we are going to help realize somebody else’s dreams. Divert your resources on dreams of less fortunate ones. Do not help those who can help themselves. Do not help those who help you.

Life is not system of mutualism. It should not be a give- and-take relationship. If you will help only the one who helps you, you will be enriching just the two of you. Life is not a system of parasitism. If you will just take and take, you will be enriching yourself at the expense of another. Life is a system of heroism, just give and give and give.

Children are our future. This is the truth. Help them build their dreams and help them realize the same.  Childish dreams may be simple as having food to eat, having clean air to breathe and having clean water to drink, or complicated as having a complete family and a home to call their own. Whatever their dreams are, let us make a pact that we will be there when they realize their dreams. ■

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