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SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? (Farewell Speech, Rotaract Club of San Pedro East Induction Ceremony RY 2009-2010)

Eight, we believe is the luckiest number.  Not just because it looks like the symbol   infinity (∞), but also because it is the first year (of celebration) after the so called seven-year itch.

In calculus, there is what we call the principle of the asymptotes under the theorems of limits.  It states that no matter how fast or how close x approaches infinity, y will never intersect nor touch a certain line we call the asymptote.  Yes, this function of x and y (f(x,y)) is convergent to the asymptote but the same will never reach it. ¶

The shapes of anything under and over the sun and even the shape of the sun itself  are patterned on mathematical formulae.

There are other several relevant mathematical and scientific laws and formulae.  The principles behind the cusp or the climax or the critical point when applied in Chemistry is the saturation point and in Physics, it is synonymous to the law of gravity.  The latter example approximates life.  What goes up must come down.

Another pertinent number is the number 30.  They say life begins at 40.  However, Rotary Life begins at 30.  Rotary Life is the real life.  Life, therefore must begin at 30.  But forgive me my fellow Rotarians.  Forgive me for I am sick.  I am suffering from a syndrome of syndromes the IPP (Immediate Past President) syndrome and the FR2R (From Rotaract to Rotary) syndrome. (If  syndrome is a collection of symptoms, what do you call a collection of syndromes?)

It is very difficult to be torn between two lovers. Should I stay? or Should I go?  Should I stay with my fellow Rotaractors or should I go with my fellow Rotarians?

Before I decide, let me first take this opportunity to give thanks to those whom I owe much.  I am supposed to give them tokens of appreciation as the best manifestation of my gratitude but for some reasons…



I must admit.  I am not an expressive person.  I am unlike those who never fail to extrovertly show their feelings and thoughts but I assure you that the things you have said and done have not gone unnoticed.

The bitter part of my Rotaract story. I was not able to please everybody and I even unconsciously displeased some.  There were persons who I used to go along well with at the start of my Rotaract life whom I unwittingly gave cold shoulders to.  Their basic instinct– was to do the same, or it is the other way around.  It is a matter of which came first– the chicken or the egg.

For that, I express my most sincere apology.  We were just casualties of the clash of principles, pride and professionalism.  I will not elaborate on this. You know who you are.

It is just that when I go upward, you go downward. When I go forward, you go backward.  But the world is round, somewhere we will meet.  And it will not take long, it’s a small world after all.

We made it five in a row.  Five most outstanding Rotary years.  What goes up must come down-but we will not go down.  We are not yet up there.  We are still in the middle of our climb.  We are still halfway there.

¶ ¶ X does not have to approach infinity for y to touch the asymptote.  Xperience or Xpertise or Xtra Effort does not have to come closer to perpetuity for You to reach your dreams.  Just give your best shot.  Dreams are not correlated to infinity.  Otherwise, they are frustrations and illusions.  Reach for your dreams and make them real.  Catch them with your bare hands. These handful of realized dreams are your future.  The future of your life is in your hands. Rotary Life is the real life. The future of Rotary is in your hands.

Should I stay or should I go?  In the Standard Rotaract Constitution Article VI, Section 3 it states that “All Rotaract club presidents and district representatives  who reach the age of 30 during the term of office may serve one additional year  as immediate past president  or immediate past district representative, to provide continuity in leadership.”  Therefore, I conclude that I should stay.  Then again, we are running out of time and space.  I should go.  Thank you!



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