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THE POWER OF DREAM MAKE IT REAL (The First Light/The Discerning Eye, Hodgepodge Column 2008


“What is lost can never be saved, what is said can never be unsaid and what is foregone can never be done…again.”

President Gary Lopez of Rotary Club of Tanauan gives emphasis on three factors affecting the realization of everyone’s dream- Time, Words and Opportunity.  These, according to him play pivotal roles and if misused can turn your dreams the other way around.

We cannot turn back time. Punctuality is the first virtue.  Tardiness and procrastination are the arch-nemesis of everyone’s desire to succeed.  Pres. Lopez is particular on getting things done at the right place and at the right time.

Regrettable messages- the words that are better kept than said and the messages which we should not have uttered. Think not once, not twice but over and over and over again before we let go of them. We are not what we eat but what comes out of our mouth. Words spoken are detrimental to the realization of one’s dream.

Opportunity costs are past costs but are relevant in decision making. This time, the adage “Let the bygones be bygones” does not necessarily apply.  Opportunity flies away…with time. Carpé Diem! Seize the day!

“When the sherry glass is full and the night is way too young.. We’ve got to sip today, sip today, and sip today before it’s done.”- by Edward Kowalczyk from Good Pain of LIVE


“Rotaract Club of Tanauan is the best manifestation of Flying V”, Past District Rotaract Chairman Lito Guevarra hails the Host Club as he illustrates how the V- Formation works for organizations. “If it is from RAC Tanauan, it must be good”, he adds while he reminisces on past district events hosted by the club.


“Dare to dream. Dare to take the risk. Dare to succeed. Dare to make dreams real.”- District Rotaract Chairman Megs Abarca.

Children dream more frequent than adults do. It is at their juvenile stage   when they weave webs of dreams. It is when they have the most wavelengths of wishes, the broadest amplitudes of hopes and the highest level of spirits. It is when they do not know more about the cruelness of the other side of the world. Do not let their dreams be turned into nightmares. Help them make their dreams real.  DRR Megs gives priority on realizing children’s dreams.

RC Lipa West Past President Ethel Rosales Lipat agrees on DRR Meg’s message as she reiterates the roles and responsibilities of RAC officers and members. She suggests community projects especially designed for children- Health Care and Nutrition (milk), Education and Literacy (old books and notebooks) and Saving Planet Earth for the Next Generation (No Plastics Policy).  She takes into consideration Social Welfare and Development (SWD) issues like but not limited to giving equal treatment to Persons With Disabilities (PWD).


RC Metro Tanauan Dir. Marivic Raca talks about the importance of being holistic. She gives importance to the functions our physical and spiritual capabilities play in realizing our dreams. Hence, she shares to everybody her own way of keeping our body not only active, but proactive. This, boosted up by the power of our prayers, according to her will surely bring us to the realization of our dreams. ■

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