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My First Project as a Rotarian

I am still hesitant to join the Rotary Club of San Pedro East. Pecuniary matters perhaps are the most pertinent factors. The Rotary axiom states that one must have the 3 T’s to share for him to join the Rotary Family. The first T is Time. Everybody has enough Time in this world unless one is working twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Then, my best friend Webster must delete the word “busy” in his list. It is just a matter of time management. The second T is Talent. Everybody has his own inherent and unique talent unless… No, there is no unless clause. It is just a matter of … Talent Management? The saying “If you are good at something never do it for free.” is not only popular but also selfish. Joker must be joking when he uttered this statement in Batman sequel The Dark Knight. Then, my better friend Wikiquote must delete this irresponsible hearsay in his file. The third T is Treasure. Yes, treasure as in wealthMoney. This time, not everybody has enough money to share. However, a little Treasure can go a long, long way with ample Time and resourceful Talent.

I am still hesitant to join the Rotary Club of San Pedro East.

December 22, 2010. Last working day in the office (Read as: Last FB day in the office) before Christmas vacation. Being an Accounting Manager, I have flexible time. My morning routine: sitting in the doorway of my house with a cup of coffee and a lit cigarette and the compulsive tending of my little garden. Yes, my little garden built through my obsessive and petty thefts of plant stock in places I have been to as a Rotaractor.  No wonder why the names of plants are Tanauan, Taal-Lemery, Sta. Rosa, Cabuyao, Calamba, Bay, Lucena, Caluag, (CWC) and so on… named either after the Host Rotaract Clubs or the Places where the Rotaract events were held in (except for that one named after an important person). (Huwag mo‘kong tanungin kung sino basta  kapangalan siya ng aso at multo sa bahay)

The unreliable clock rang a quarter before eight in the morning. It was time to take the bath and head for my last FB day in the office. But the Incoming President of the Rotary Club of San Pedro East told me that they would be holding a project in Mary, Mother of Mercy Home for the Elderly and the Abandoned. With no hesitation, I iron-pressed my unused and a good-for-display-only Rotary Vest. With so much pride, I donned the vest with the most precious Rotary Wheel embedded on.

Notwithstanding, I managed to drop by the office- not to FB but to supervise my staff about what-to-do’s.

The Mary Mother of Mercy is a non- profit, non-government foundation taking care of the physical, medical, spiritual needs and concerns of the elderly and abandoned for ten years. Located in San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna, it is presently home to 29 residents coming from different parts of the country who are ministered by the missionary nuns of St. Francis Xavier.  See related articles

The Rotaract Club of San Pedro East has been helping the Home since Rotary Year 2004-2005.

As usual, it was  the landscape and the plants that first got my attention.  I approach one Lola who was tending the Home’s garden. The garden was not that big but a certain species won my central vision.   Lola said that the name of the plant is Roselle.  She added that the plant is grown for its leaves used as “pampaasim’ in “sinigang”.  According to her the mother seeds were from Burma and were brought by the Burmese sisters.  Lately did I realize that it was known in Tagalog as Kulatsitsi.

After the Rotary and the Rotaract Club of San Pedro East gave their Christmas presents, I went back home to add my new find in my little garden collection.

Notwithstanding, I managed to drop by the office- not to FB but to do this blog.  Pictures to follow.

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Yup, San Pedro, Laguna. Pero may maraming Rotary sa San Pedro. 1. San Pedro 2. San Pedro East. 3. Metro San Pedro. 4. San Pedro New Gen 5. San Pedro South 6. San Pedro Centennial. Tapos yung Rotaract, 3 lang- 1. San Pedro 2. San Pedro East 3. San Pedro South

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