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A Place Called Paradise

Heaven…Glory…Ecstasy…Delight…Joy…Bliss…These words depict Paradise. A place we all want to be in.  A place we all dream of.

However, the Rotaract Club of San Pedro East knows a different paradise.  Yes, there are still birds singing, trees dancing, bees buzzing… but not enough to be called Real Paradise.

A twenty-minute jeepney ride and a ten-minute walk from San Pedro town proper, Sitio Paradise rests in a hilly luscious green terrain south of San Vicente, San Pedro, Laguna.  It is only a half-hour journey but getting to Paradise is not at all that delightful.  One must traverse the rocky roads of far-flung Southside of the neighboring Barangay San Antonio– the site of the infamous Dumpsite and he must cope with the stench of rotting garbage and the habitual sting of spinning dust both so created to really infiltrate your nostrils.  It is just a ten minute trek but getting to Paradise is not at all that glorious– one must wrestle with the steep muddy slopes and the sharp-bladed grass vegetation of the sitio.

The mangangalahig in Paradise Dumpsite and Southside Dumpsite are the common residents. The land owner of the sitio is said to be a rich and  well-known politician. Being informal settlers, they are not permitted to build decent homes. Building houses of stone and concrete are tightly monitored since the shelters are subject to demolition anytime.  The source of electricity is centralized and is closely checked for consumption and safety. Clean water is being bought and fetched from an owner of electric pump in the neighboring piggery farm. Children are mostly out-of-school because of poverty, long distance and absence of inexpensive transportation.

A passing dumptruck makes the RACSPEans hold their breath for quite some time
Hey, here's the cam. Where are you looking at?
Cassava, banana, madre de cacao vegetates the trail
We Shall Return. The RACSPE Landing.
Jeff, Marny, Thony, Khit and Toyo

Of course, RACSPE is more than willing and able enough to deal with these ordeals.  For the nth time, the club visits the Paradise.

Paradise is one of the adopted communities of RACSPE.  Since RY 2004-2005, Paradise has been one of the community service priorities of RACSPE.

From the ground-breaking of its Day Care Center to the distribution of school needs, RACSPE is always in Paradise to help.

Just recently on August 17, 2009 the club did a series of projects in Paradise.  The idea began with a plain plan of having a survey for the  World Community Service (WCS) but the club still found it necessary to bring and do something simultaneously with the  original plan.  The club packed assorted school supplies, cooked the famous vitameal and prepared for an interactive encounter with the Day Care students.

Ms. Jane Atanoso, a barangay health worker and Ms. Lydia Atanoso, the teacher assisted the club.

Allan, Rival, Mark in the frontline
Toyo, Allan, Matthew and Jeff hurdles the trail
The Paradise Day Care Center and the Paradise makeshift Chapel
"The boat is sinking. Group yourselves into two." -Toyo
The kids take their snacks before the games begin
Mayotoes, Mayonaisse, Mayoshoulder, Mayohead
Rtr. Allan attends to the kids' needs.
Storytelling ala Rtr. Mark Angelo Nato. Rtrs. Juan, Ryan and Khit listen carefully.
Rtr. Anthony teaches a kid how to write
Rtr. Matthew helps the girl draw a tree
Rtr. Khit up closely observes her "little sister"
Rtr. Allan watches as a kid draws
Rtr. Marny shares a decent laughter with akid
RACSPE, Ms. Lydia Atanoso and the Paradise Kids
Wacky time
The Infamous Jumpshot


And this is the video I made for this particular project:

6 replies on “A Place Called Paradise”

oh yeah jumpshot 😀

may napasaya na naman kayong mga bata. congrats

mahilig din ako sa mga bata. one time naexperience ko maging student teacher. tinuruan ko silang mag drawing ng mga pokemon sa blackboard. wahaha

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