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3820 Dominates MDIO Pilipinas 4th Magic Badminton Cup

The Rotaract Clubs of Rotary International District (RID) 3820 once again proved that they still are the kings and queens of the Rotaract Badminton when they exuded their dominance over other districts in the Multi-District Information Organization (MDIO) Pilipinas 4th Magic Badminton Cup in Planet Badminton, Makati on January 30, 2011.

RACSPE Shatters RAC Parañaque East Paragon and RAC Makati in Men’s Doubles Division

The Dynamic Duo of 3820 Past District Rotaract Representative (PDRR) Mhon Brazas and Rtr. JB Vierneza, both from the Rotaract Club of San Pedro East (RACSPE), 3820 crashed the tandem of Angelo Tejuco of RAC Parañaque East Paragon, 3830 and Rey John Lorca of Makati, 3830 in the Men’s Division Finals. Almost invincible, this RACSPE partnership never had the hard time clinching the championship title against the joint venture of Angelo and Rey John as the former murdered the latter by the numbers. RACSPE took advantage of Mhon and JB’s seasoned badminton career. This duo was also the champion in this division last year. Perplexing reflexes and aged agility were their perfect weapon. Almost practically growing up in the badminton courts, Mhon and JB found this match nothing but an ordinary and casual game. The only difference was the additional stamina needed in this particular battle since winners must be known before the sun sets. Nevertheless, the Angelo-Rey John pair likewise played incredibly well all through out this double elimination competition not to mention the carried-over-from previous-matches fatigue on Angelo and the chronic attack of cramps on Rey John. RACSPE gave no mercy to the opponent in the first set after it nailed a six-point advantage 10-4. To add insult to injury, it made the gap even harder to come by, 17-6. The lead increased in linear progression and the first set ended with a frustrating score, 21-11. The show must go on for the sake of  spectacular rallies and the cruel game technicalities. Winners must be named and so the second set was laid. Angelo and Rey John never gave a hint that they would give up. Spirits still rising, they presented corresponding remarkable receptions to the dominating duo’s lightning smashes. They even rained equally stinging shots. Treacherous drops and witty placings were not monopolized by the leading team. The 3830 score was pinned down to 2 until 3820 counter reached 9.  Angelo-Rey John doubles barely made successful shots as the lead ballooned to twelve points, 18-6. The loud foot tapping of  JB and the thunderous shouts of Mhon when he walloped were somehow intimidating as their rivals showed no intention to get back before the set approached its end. The 3820 team did not prolong the agony of 3830- RACSPE pulverized its challenger, 21-8. Prior to the Men’s Division main event, the 3830 racketeers hurdled through a grueling match with another RACSPE formidable twosome Radney Hernandez and Carlo del Monte. Scores were made basically from errors but the tremendous playing power the teams both displayed could not be ignored. Test of strength was the name of the game for each winning team was scheduled to play right after.  Worn out quadriceps were no excuse and sprained wrists were no alibis. Inom lang ang pahinga (drinking was the only rest), they say. The only consolation the players got was the salable comic stance of ever happy and gay Radney a.k.a. Bekimon coupled with queer gestures of his similarly funny co-player Carlo. RACSPE’s laid back performance bore beautiful fruits when it baffled 3830 team in the first set, 21-15. The outcome of the first set was a persuasive evidence that this Angelo-Rey John and Radney-Carlo match was a game for all. Both teams had equal chance of winning. Non-stop Angelo and injury-prone Rey John took the relaxed scheme of Radney and Carlo seriously… and it paid off. The used-to-be exchange of errors that became a rally of shots soon emerged to a “this is it” scenario and the 3830 smashers got the advantage points to etch the scoreboard with well-matched 21-15. The third, the final and the conclusive set was a fluctuation of funny-serious and will-won’t moods. The fitter ones survived. The third set ended with the persistent score 21-15. that gave ticket to the 3830 smashers on their flight to the finals.  (More pictures to follow) Thus, Mhon Brazas and JB Vierneza, RACSPE, RID 3820 bagged the gold in Men’s Division. Angelo Tejuco, Parañaque East Paragon, 3830 and Rey John Lorca, Makati, 3830 pocketeed the silver medals while Radney Hernadez and Carlo del Monte, RACSPE, 3820 took home the bronze.

Preliminaries (Double Elimination)

Before these three teams brought their respective bacons home,  they and the other teams passed through a series of painstaking games.

  • Angelo Tejuco- Rey John Lorca vs. Fourth Placer Michael Hemedez, Cabuyao, 3820 and James Mabulac, RACSPE, 3820, 12-21, 21-16, 15-13
  • Mhon Brazas-JB Vierneza, RACSPE vs. Radney Hernadez- Carlo del Monte, RACSPE- 21-7, 21-12
  • Angelo Tejuco-Rey John Lorca vs. Macre Pelejo, Sta. Rosa South, 3820 and Ryan Bello, RACSPE, 3820, 21- 16, 16-21, 22-21
  • Mhon Brazas-JB Vierneza, RACSPE vs. Michael Hemedez-James Mabulac- 21-04, 21-14
  • Radney Hernandez-Carlo del Monte vs. Macre Pelejo-Ryan Bello, 21-18, 17-21, 22-20
  • Angelo Tejuco-Rey John Lorca vs. Flo Espiritu, Metro Olongapo, 3790 and Anthony Carandang, UN, 3810, 21-15, 21-11
  • Michael Hemedez-James Mabulac vs. Charlie Chua, Manila, 3810 and Andrew Abuso, Pueblo de Lucban, 21-16, 21-10
  • Mhon Brazas-JB Vierneza vs. Angelo Tejuco-Rey John Lorca, 21-8, 21-11
  • Radney Hernandez-Carlo del Monte vs. Flo Espiritu-Anthony Carandang, 21-7, 21-16

3820 Beauties Beat 3820-3810 Binary in Women’s Double Division

Tina “Ganda” Mencias of RAC San Pedro and Khate Buluag of RAC Cabuyao Circle both from RID 3820 outshone the double act of Immediate Past MDIO Chair Megs, Abarca, RAC Lucena South, 3820 and Bea Pacao, RAC San Marcelino, 3810 in Women’s Division. Tina, a gold medalist from last year’s cup of the same division merged her playing prowess with that of equally great Khate Buluag, a 3rd Magic Badminton Cup-Women’s bronze medalist to form an enterprise firm enough to win every battle required to retain the title. Megs, medalist in women’s and mixed doubles for the past three Magic cups joined force with Bea, a newcomer but obviously not a neophyte in terms of badminton. Everybody knew ab initio that the collision of these two teams would be a spectacular display of  playing skills and techniques. This would be a close fight, the audience assumed. To the satisfaction of the viewers, both teams opened the first set with awesome exchange of shots. Tina-Khate tandem, a union of badminton buffs cast fantastic smashes to counter Megs-Bea Team’s spear-like attacks.  Being P.E. instructors, Megs and Bea were accustomed with the ins and outs, ons and offs and do’s and don’ts of this fast and furious game called badminton. Rallies, smashes and drops were shown in constant cycle to the viewing pleasure of the spectators. Though the two teams were at par experience-wise, Tina-Khate nipped Megs-Bea, 21-20 in the first set. Back with high hopes, Megs and Bea tried to retaliate in the second set the modest loss suffered in the first set. Khate’s streamlined assaults were answered by Megs counter jump smashes and Tina’s tricky drops were offset by Bea’s clever placings. Optimism on a third and decisive set was conspicuous in Megs and Bea’s countenance during the first few minutes of the second set. Both teams had fair share on the scoreboard. However, it was proved that Tina and Khate’s longevity was more spanning than of Megs and Bea. The 3820-3810 Combo of Megs and Bea succumbed to the unadulterated 3820 pair of Tina and Khate. Point differential of one evolved to two, three… till Tina and Khate finally pegged the the second set with a score of 21-14. (Pictures to follow) Before Tina and Khate fought for gold against the bye tandem of Megs and Bea, they beat the duo of Hazel Lacbayo, RAC Makati, 3830  and Kristel Royo, RAC Malate, 3810. Tina and Khate whitewashed their opponents in two sets 21-3 and 21-4. Ergo, Tina Mencias and Khate Buluag got the gold medals. Megs and Bea settled for silver and Hazel-Kristel earned bronze.


  • Hazel Lacbayo-Kristel Royo vs. PDRR Sen Villanueva, RAC Manila Metro, 3810 and PDRR Joannie Sitoy, RAC Parañaque Metro-Kapwa, 3830,  21-23, 21-13, 15-12
  • Tina Mencias-Khate Buluag vs. Megs Abarca-Bea Pacao, 21-19, 21-14

3820 Couple Topples 3810 Doublet in Mixed Doubles Division

Men’s Division was a magnificent match to behold for the men’s superlative characters and characteristics gave thrills to the viewers. Women’s not so vigorous yet not so subtle bout awed the eyewitnesses for its impressive showcase of skills comparable to that of Men’s.  But, Mixed Doubles was everyone’s favorite. Thrills and awes converged for the enjoyment of the onlookers. Odds and ends, pros and cons, ayes and nays and all the other dominant and recessive traits of both men and women were well-blended to add humor to the supposed-to-be serious game. So what’s the perfect combination for a perfect competition? Tina “Ganda” Mencias and JB “Tolits” Vierneza teamed up for the answer.  Their combination was the cream of the crop. Tina and JB were gold medalists in last years’ Magic Cup. Both were badminton court frequenters since they discovered the art and science of the game. Hinog sa panahon (ripe and right), an idiom once told. But the term perfect was a mere exaggeration,  for another says “walang perpekto sa mundo maliban sa pangalang Perfecto” (there’s no such thing as perfect but the name Perfecto). Their suitability for the title was put into test by another quasi-perfect duo of Bea Pacao and Carlos Nimo, both from RAC San Marcelino, Manila, 3810. This match was the ultimate test of endurance and tolerance. TIna, who paired up with Khate to bag the gold in Women’s had already showed signs of stress and strain. JB, who helped Mhon in the quest for gold in Men’s already gave symptoms of physical torture. Bea, likewise felt tired after her stint with Megs to stand up against Tina and Khate in Women’s Division but luckily had some sort of relief through her partner Carlos who only joined the Mixed Doubles Division. The players intermittently demonstrated signals of pain but not to the dismay of the audience. It was as if they charged high octane fuel into their systems that each never failed to make up for the precedent shortfalls. What added jolt to the game was the coincidental pair up of Tina and Jb who are both petite and the merger of Bea and Carlos who are both slender.  Moreover, the unique gestures of each player spiced up the meet. JB tried to exert extra effort whenever Tina was at a slack and Carlo was at his peak whenever Bea tried to relax… and vice versa. The first canto was set. Everything and everybody seemed all right as the score ticked 1-0, 1-1, 1-2 and 2-2. All was fair until Bea and Carlos took advantage of  Tina-Jb’s fatigue brought by the preliminary elimination games. Scores of four by each team were crucial as the following tallies had been far different. When Bea and Carlos scored five points vs. Tina and  Jb’s four, the 3820ers never had the chance to grab the lead. The 3810’s great playing strategy worked out. They tacitly knew the silent mines and yours. The other successfully inferred what the other psychologically implied. Spontaneous blows from the camp of the 3810ers overpowered the defense of the southerners whose score was fastened to 15 till the end of the first set 21-15. A conflict rose at the start of the second set. Tina-Tolits tandem got the first score on the board. A very long rally was witnessed before the most controversial second shot was pinned. Tina, being tired was almost stuck at one point that she was not able to take positions in her post of responsibility. Tolits literally was here, there and everywhere just to answer Bea and Carlos’ smashes and at the same time try to make a shot. The most notable was his Flash-like move when after coming from the back end line he sped to the line dividing the court just to make the ball alive. He hit it but the opponents said it was null for it was not a volley. Bea and Carlos argued that the ball touched the floor first before it was nose-dived by Tolits. The referee said it was a shot. The spectators agreed. There was an altercation but the referee prevailed. Tina and Tolits scored 2-0. Bea and Carlos tried to get back as the scoreboard read 1-2. But Tolits was furious, he stamped 3-2. The one-point differential grew into a 7-point advantage, 11-4 when Tina started to match Tolits’ effort. Bea and Carlos only saw the silver lining when the lead was cut to four, 12-8. There was an exchange of shots and the four-point difference was maintained till 20-16. Bea and Carlo tried to get closer in 20-17 but Tina and Tolits reigned in the second set, 21-17. Bea and Carlos never gave Tina and Tolits a chance to take the lead in the first set and it was otherwise in the second set. The third place was different. Bea and Carlos were confident enough that they could outpower their opponents for they had already hammered them during the preliminaries, 21-8 and 21-5. Bea and Carlo gave the San Pedronians a hard time. They even intermittently snatched the lead. Issues of of whose shots were rampant as rallies. It even came to the point that spectators had no unanimous verdict. The referee was even quoted saying to one onlooker- “Umalis ka diyan, ako ang referee dito.” (Get lost, I’m the referee here!) Twelve-12 was the last deuce in the game and close fight resurfaced. The 1-2 advantage was blown into four, 20-16 until the Tina and Tolits showed what it takes to be “bad” in badminton and ended the set and the game, 21-17. Thus, Tina and Tolits got the gold, Bea and Carlos settled for silver and Khate-Mike duo dig the bronze.


  • Bea Pacao-Carlos Nimo vs. Khate-Mike, 21-14, 14-21, 15-13
  • Tina Mencias-Tolits Vierneza vs. Megs Abarca-Macre Pelejo, 21-7, 21-11
  • Megs Abarca-Macre Pelejo vs. Hazel Lacbayo-Rey John Lorca, 21-12, 21-12
  • Khate Buluag-Michael Hemedez vs. Kristel Royo-Carlo del Monte, 21-8, 21-5
  • Bea Pacao-Carlos Nimo vs. Tina Mencias-Tolits Vierneza, 21-8, 21-15
  • Bea Pacao-Carlos Nimo vs. Kristel Royo-Carlo del Monte, 21-9, 21-14
  • Tina Mencias-Tolits Vieneza vs. Hazel Lacbayo-Rey John Lorca, 21-9, 21-13

The Magic Badminton Cup was established in 2007 as a means of fellowship among the Rotaract Clubs comprising the MDIO Pilipinas Representing the Districts 3780, 3790, 3800, 3810, 3820, 3830 and 3860. It was named after RID 3810 SDG Edison “Magic” Ong who is considered “The Grandfather of the Philippine Rotaract”. MDIO, on the other hand is an organization with the purpose of disseminating information and facilitating communication between Rotaract clubs in the districts concerned. This fourth season of the cup was co-hosted by the Rotaract Clubs of Cubao, Makati, Manila, Malate, Metro Olongapo, Pueblo de Lucban , San Pedro East and Sta. Rosa South. Immediate Past MDIO Pilipinas+  Chairman Imelda/RID 3820 Past District Rotaract Representative (DRR)Imelda  “Megs” Abarca chaired the event and RID 3820 Immediate Past DRR Arlene Bacalla was the Master of Ceremonies. The opening Prayer was delivered by RAC Makati Rotaractor Rey John Lorca. MDIO Pilipinas+ Chair Charlie Chua opened the cup with his inspiring remarks. Event Chair Megs Abarca, MDIO Pilipinas+ Chairman Charlie Chua, RID 3790 PDRR Flo Espiritu, RAC Makati President Rio Radam, RAC Cabuyao Circle Past President Khate Buluag, RAC Pueblo de Lucban Immediate Past Presidnt Andrew Abuso and RACSPE President Francis “Gucci” Guttierez did the symbolic Ceremonial Smash. SDG Magic Ong gave the closing remarks. Also present during the event were RC Lucban Past President Andy Abuso and RID 3820 DRR Roy Casipit. *MDIO Pilipinas+ = MDIO Pilipinas Representing the Districts 3780, 3790, 3800, 3810, 3820, 3830 and 3860 ** Please give your comments, for any clarifications. *** Pictures to follow.

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