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When should the school year start, June or September?

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Third Place

Marian Elisha Cinderella P. Sarcia

When, June or September?

          Every school year is a brand new journey for every student.  Students prepare themselves for different challenges that will possibly come along their way.  Just before the month of June is here, everyone gathers everything they need for the next school year.  But then again, to start another year of learning in the month of June brings problem to those areas affected with the natural calamities, with the month of June being a rainy season.  This is one of the reasons why the issue of starting our school years during September arouse.

          When should the school year start, June or September?  Because of the problem in Global warming that grows worse and worse each day, our country has been experiencing climate changes which affect our daily lives.  It affects the routines that we do and the scheduled activities are delayed.  In school, even the students’ activities are affected.  The students are forced not to go to school during calamities.  The school facilities malfunction because of typhoons.  The days that were suppose to be spent in school, learning anew lesson became days of boredom, if not, these became days of suffering.

          Our government is planning to have the first day of school in September instead.  Do they not notice that the worst typhoons that came across our country happened mostly during the month of September?  Typhoon ‘Ondoy’ washed out Luzon in September 2009 and now, Typhoons ‘Pedring’ and ‘Quiel’ just left us soaked in floodwater.  If we are to start our school year in September, imagine the hardships and the sacrifices of the students.  Their studies will be affected because of suspended classes.  Most of them would probably catch different diseases caused  by the rain and the flood.  The schools their enrolled in would also be affected by flood and destruction brought by natural disaster.

          As of now, June would be the best month to start a new school year.  Yes, it is a rainy season, but seeing the situation of our fellow countrymen, still, the month of June as the start of every school year is hard to replace in our systems.  For it has been this way ever since.

          Being a student is not as easy as you might think.  Having another problem (flooded house, food/water shortage, disease) added to our burdens can cause us to lose track and fail.  But we should never give up, instead, we have to be strong enough to face these problems and solve them.


Second Place

Marvin Joseph R. Occeño


          It is good to hear that Philippines is an educated nation, a nation built with its own learning system.  There comes the time when certain educational issues arise which in effect results to debates but nothing is clearly solved.  One topic tackles the month when the school year should start.  Is it June or is it September?  If not resolved, this might be a conflicting question forever.

          Filipino children, those who are educated, have undergone series of school years that always start with June.  But why do others prefer September as the first academic month?  Is it because of a longer vacation?  It is standardized that a school must have 10 successive months of leaning.  Be it June or September, students are required to comply the days of education.

          There will be lots of adjustments to be made if September will be the start of the school year.  There might be such removal of activities or modifications.  And, can the students adjust easily?  Well, uncertainties will come not only to students but also to teachers who have planned already.

          With the passing of time from one generation to another, everyone can realize the tradition of beginning the academic year with June.  It’s already a great content to those who strive to learn and to remove illiteracy.

          Let it be a beaming fact that what has set will always be set.  This country had already chosen June before the issues caused our minds to be doubtful.  What’s important here is to have responsible students that will eventually upgrade this nation to an educated country anchored on our tradition.


First Place

Kenji D. Muramatsu

Back to School in September?.

          As typhoon Pedring visited the Philippines on the last week of September, focusing on the northern parts of Luzon, two days of learning were suspended yet again.  The suspension of classes are now a regular part of a school year.  We can say that this is the only reason for DepEd to transfer the start of school year from June to September.  We don’t need to change just to satisfy one situation, do we?

          As our country traveled from time to time, even during the time of our grandfathers and grandmothers, June is always marked as the start of the school yer in the Philippines whereas in other countries, September is the start of the studying season.  All of the students in the Philippines know that June is the season when school days start.  This is already a part of a student’s cycle per year.  If we change the start of the school year to September, the students will experience what we call, “jet-lag system”.  They have to cope up with this “new”  cycle and it might have been worse in the part of a student.

          Before the proposition is amended, have we questioned ourselves?  In what months did typhoons Ondoy, Pedring and Milenyo come for a visit?  They all visited us in September.  If September is the for “Back to school”, what the students will witness at the start of the school year are stronger typhoons, and the classes will be suspended again.  The students will lose a day of orientation and learning; hence they suffer.

          If we count ten months, which is the standard duration of a school year, including September, we will realize that the year of learning will intersect the summer season, that is, hot and not conducive for learning.  We are in a planet that is now facing climate change.  Summer months are much warmer.  Furthermore, the sun’s rays may cause sun stroke.  Again, the students suffer.

          With regard to summer months and the students are in school during the time, family relationships may break down because of lack of bonding.  April and May (the months of vacation if June is the start of the school year) are more suitable for travels compared to June, July and August.  The latter set is rainy so families tend to stay home whereas the former is when families can enjoy the sun and bond with each other in different places.  Yet again, the students suffer.

          To sum up all the points, adapting to global changes may be good for others.  But if we look at the consequences and evaluate who are going to suffer, we can see that we are lucky enough to have what we have now as it is.  There are some things that are ought to be changed and there are things that are ought to be retained as it is.  And the month for the start of the school year belongs to the latter.

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