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Sports Editorial


Third Place (Regine C. Pustadan)

“Kicking With No Ball”      

          As we all know Philippine Azkals, Philippine Volcanoes and Philippine Dragon Boat Team had collected honors.  Previously, the Philippine Azkals had a great contribution in raising the interest of young Filipinos in playing football and in Philippine Dragon Boat Team, who buried gold medals.

          But, unfortunately their kicks, paddles and throws are not supported, by our Department of Sports because they are unregistered players.  Is our government responsible for supporting the budget of our master players even if they are unregistered?

          Rules are rules, we cannot break the rules because without them our democratic country will be unorganized.  A democratic country is that the good and thoughts of more people will be granted as long as there are no bad contribution in our country.

          If they really want to give Philippines- the name, game and fame, they must be responsible in registering themselves to DOS even if they have to go on a hard training.

          Luckily, the Lucio Tan Airlines supplied the budget of Philippine Dragon Boat Team.

          On the other hand, the fact that Philippine players expand our knowledge about sportsmanship and foreign sports, so we- the Filipino people must hold them tight so they can feel our support to them.

          Of them are strong individuals.  Their weakness is their failings, their strength is us.  We must encourage them to pursue their passion and love to sports.

          So, them and all the Philippine officials just wait them and you will see a big difference to the new generation -no drugs, no alcohol and no bad habits- just sports playing.

Second Place (Paola Marie A. Rivera)

Philippines, Together All Throughout

          “One for all, All for one.”

          This quote is instilled down in the Filipinos mind.

          It was a stunning start, the Filipinos celebrate for this year’s State of the Nation Address (SONA).  Sports, includes the overwhelming victory of the Philippine Azkals (Football) over Kuwait and their latest ran-off with Macau.  Team Azkals were supported by the government all through out.  Many teams like the Philippine Dragon Boat, The Ultimate (Frisbee)  where Derek Ramsey and other Filipinos belong joined and received honors.  They were not title-hungry but still aiming for the help of their country and the government.

          Last year the attention of the Philippines was focused on the Philippine Azkals.  But they barely know that Filipinos are also concern on what is happening on other games.

          We don’t need to fight for attention of the people or the government.  Just think of what we achieve and whom are we playing for.  Don’t be greedy about te title, it will be yours eventually.

          If you win a game and give honor to your country, you will realize that, “It is worth playing for.”

First Place (Mark Abraham Arduo)

World Renound “Carabaws”

          After the hopeful years of waiting and much expectations, the Filipino Athletes had already reached a golden glamorous step in the Global Rank where in the race discrimination of Juan dela Cruz, is now on Efren Peñaflorida in fame, whom we consider as heroes of our own, striving for success in the sports industry.

          1987. the year when the last qualification of the Basketball Team took place in the FIBA World Cup.  Several decades indicate a handicapped Filipino Athlete in the international scene.  Paeng Nepomuceno, Eugene Torre, Efren “Bata” Reyes, only a few of those who were considered the last ones to blow an astonishing outside possessions.  These show a dreary feeling covered up the scoring sections, disabling us to make a goal, a waste for a long period of leisure.

          There sprouted a General Santos Pride, whom without any jump, shoot and kick possessions, served as a concrete Filipino in body and in mind, and passed through all circumstances, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.  A boiling blood of true Juan dela Cruz now made a big turning point lately inthe sports industry.

          The Philippine Dragon Boat Team lately won several Gold and Silver medals in the International Meets.  Proving that the word Tagalog, that comes from the Filipino term Taga-ilog, is in advantage of our sailors.  After 24 years, the Team Pilipinas finally scored a spot on the FIBA World Cup.  Several games of the Philippine Azkals awake the worldwide minds that Filipinos now kick and take advantage of their heights.

          Why need to compare to a carabaw?  A carabaw as we’ve known are used in farming.  Slow in movement.  Sometimes replaced by machineries.  In nature, Filipinos are farmers and carabaws.  Even being slow at some points in the field, but moving a sure and gradual step for a successful reach.  Filipino Athletes only need a support from our government whom in the past decades giving a minimal push through our boxes.  A big need in responsible leaders has been sung.

          “I wanted  to see Filipinos kicking for gold”, said by Younghusband on their last attempt to introduce the Philippine Football to the Global Brain.  This will not be impossible if there’s a unity in help and support, sometimes we utter that Filipinos in the sport industry don’t know how, but likewise as we’ve known, a gradual possession for a hopeful success is in us like what we’ve been told as the world Renound “Carabaws”.

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