Medium- English Poems Rotary Family SPEJA

SPEJA Poetry Writing Winners

Philippines:  A Nation Making a Legacy

(Third Place)

Jhon Mark O. Trinidad


As the brilliance of the searing sun glows

An image of a place comes in my mind

Declared as the “Pearl of the Orient Sea”

Philippines, a paradise of beauty

Truly magnificent and enthralling

A place where meek and kind people reside

Nurtured with its peculiar history

And culture which other nations admire

Philippines, a country of the faithfuls

With proud lambs of God exalting His name

A nation instilling humility

Humble as a dove in times of glory

Philippines, embodiment of triumph

Makin a legacy to the whole world



Never Alone

(Second Place)

Marvin Joseph R. Occeño


Deep inside I think of uncertainties

That hinder my courage and bring me fear

Still finding ways to solve difficulties

I can’t make up my mind, present are tears

It seems that I face such darkness alone

But I wonder why I feel such great love

Despite my worries, I believe in grace

This is from God, I know I will be saved

In every step I take I can realize

That in Him, I am loved and forgiven

As I look into the blue skies I smile

For I am blessed and now I’m faith-driven

From this point I’m not afraid anymore

God is the greatest, with this I am sure




(First Place)

Ariza Nicole Ong


She leans on a wall that supports nothing

Crying a river til she falls asleep

The next teardrop will be drop of blood

Dying and living again everyday

The silent screams show everlasting pain

She just sold her life to get her soul crushed

Isolated from freedom, she’s in chains

“Could this be the end?” She’s begging for death

She falls to her knees and silently prayed…

My Dear, your prayer will be heard by Him

You’re a gift to man, you deserve better

Sing a song with your voice and a purpose

I raise this glass to all of the beaten

Stand up for our children and our women

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