Medium- English Poems


why sigh

when you can cry

cry it out loud

all the feelings

locked inside

tears are really meant

to wash away the pain

let those fluid flow

let it rain, let it rain

why lie

when you can vie

vie for the truth

that can’t be denied

the reality may hurt

but it will set you free

Be true to your heart

And you will see, you will see

why die

when you can try

try to survive

all the sufferings

that override

never give up,

never give in

make it to the top,

you’ll know what i mean

just give your best shot,

failure is not a sin

wake up, wake up,

life is not a dream

you never know what

the future may bring

find your niche

there’s a place for everyone

cry, vie and try

don’t ask me how

don’t ask me why

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