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On this site will rise



On this site will rise blue morning glories

On this site will rise peach alamanda

On this site will rise orange berries

On this site will rise red cleopatra


On this site will rise golden showers

On this site will rise pink adelfas

On this site will rise purple creepers

On this site will rise violet vandas


On this site will rise yellow lilies

On this site will rise indigo climbers

On this site will rise  vermillion chilies

On this site will rise silver tubers


On this site will rise the black soil

On this site will rise the green earth

On this site will rise The Brown Farmer


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DRAC Recognizes RCSPE as Outstanding

The Rotary International District (RID) 3820 held its District Recognition and Awarding Ceremony (DRAC) last June 24, 2012 in Ponte Fino Hotel, Batangas City.

The event aimed to give recognition to the tremendous effort the clubs and their respective presidents and secretaries have exerted.

The Rotary Club of San Pedro East (RCSPE) was awarded Outstanding Rotary Club along with other rotary clubs which did exemplary projects.  Its president, Mhon Brazas was hailed Outstanding President while its Secretary Asel Punzalan bagged an Outstanding Secretary trophy.

RCSPE also took home the Best in Website award.  Rotaractors Danilo G. Nicolas and Kakai Zagala initiated the platform of the website on and Secretary Asel modified the site as to conform to the criteria the panel of judges has set.

Moreover, RCSPE’s “Ethics and Business Etiquette Seminar Series” was proclaimed Outstanding Project.  The seminar series purported to educate graduating students of San Pedro College of Business Administration with the do’s and don’ts in their future workplace.

Several Governor’s Citation awards were also given to RCSPE. The awards were handed by RID 3820 Governor Rey Castillo to the clubs that carried out district-initiated projects.  RCSPE took home citations on its:  Kick-off Project, Public Image Projects, Gawad Parangal, A Day with My Family (La Mesa Ecopark Treeplanting and Fellowship), Adopt-A-Child, Club Bulletin, Clun Website, Annual Permanent Fund Contribution, It’s More fun in RID 3820 Campaign (RI Anniversary celebration), and Greener, Litter-Free Tollways (RID 3820 Public Image Project-Tree-planting in SLEX).

On a lighter note (not a news article anymore)

Congratulations to the Rotary Club of San Pedro South (RCSPS) for taking home the most coveted MOST OUTSTANDING ROTARY CLUB along with eight other recipients. (9 out of 106 clubs)

Congratulations RCSPS President, Tita Yolly Montifar for being one of the Most Outstanding President (s).  You really deserve that.

Also, accolades to our mother club, Rotary Club of San Pedro (RCSP) for being one of the Outstanding Rotary Club (s) and RCSP’s President Sam Doctor for being Outstanding President.

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(Since Facebook and Twitter are blocked domains in my office. Since WordPress is not. Since my WordPress posts are automatically tweeted.  Since my tweets are automatically facebooked.)

Since it’s your birthday, pakain ka na.

Since when ka huling nagpakain?


Cassava Cake?


Tuna Sandwich?

Happy 30th Birthday!


Medium-Filipino Poems Random Thoughts

Juan Tamad

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Nakakatamad magsulat ng tula

Kayhirap maghanap ng tugma

Puwede ngang manaludtod nang malaya

Walang sukat, walang tama

Kalalabasan ay wala

Nakakatamad maghabi ng istorya

Pagkatapos basahin, sasabihin ay walang kuwenta

Kapag nag-iisa, lalo lang nakapagdurusa

Wala namang oras kapag nagsasaya

Nakakatamad gumawa ng kanta

Kalalabasan ay may kapareho ng melodiya

Kasi naman walo lang ang ginagamit na nota

Do re mi fa so la ti do, wala na bang iba?

Gusto ko sanang lumikha ng isang awitin para sa ‘yo.

Ngunit ako’y tinatamad.

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Medium- English Quizzes


Medium- English Random Thoughts

Kiss and kill me sweetly

I want to cry.  But I think that would not be enough.  For the reason I do not know, I just want to be invisible.

Sometimes the complexity of life burns me out; but more often its simplicity kills me down.  I’m paranoid that I might be paranoid.  The ghosts I create seem to forever haunt me.  Hypochondria is taking its toll on me.  It makes me sick, really sick.

My mood swings in an irregular tempo and it overtakes the frequency of my heartbeat.  It sends messages faster than what my synapses can do for my brain to function well.   Oxymoron of words and deeds are the direct results of my smart yet so unintelligent decision-making ability.  I am dumb for I am a genius.  I am a coward for I am a fighter.

I hate myself but I want to live.  I just want to disappear.