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Two Years na Kami! (It’s Our Second Year Anniversary)

It was September 2010 when we first met.  Our common friend,  Kate Marasigan-Adap introduced us to each other.  We wrote letters.  We wrote on just about anything, from trivial random thoughts to some serious issues.

We never had a perfect relationship.  There were times when we did not see each other for almost a couple of months.  There were times when we nearly got sick and tired of each other.  I even tried to find someone better… but to no avail.

I always find myself in love with … WordPress.  Hahahaha!


The Fruits of Our Labor of Love

Awards.  I am proud to share to you my two precious awards.

1.  Helikopter – Fourth Place, BlogGaling Photoblog, Saranggola Blog Awards 2011

2.  Damuhan – Third Place, Bagsik ng Panitik,




It’s been a roller-coaster ride
Around the World in 730 Days

More Babies to Come

1.  The Brown Farmer – Asel as a Farmer

2.  Mumoy:  Batangueño at Batanghenyo Daw – in Filipino Language

3.  Rotary Family – Asel as a Philanthropist

We thank you for visiting our humble home.  You are always welcome.

7 replies on “Two Years na Kami! (It’s Our Second Year Anniversary)”

Thank you for “liking” my blog. I have enjoyed perusing yours. You are a good writer…and multi-talented! I have not been to your country although my brother-in-law is from the Philippines. My sister will soon travel there and meet her new family. I love how the Internet brings the world together…

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