Haiku Medium- English Poems Random Thoughts The Brown Farmer

Haiku 1: Morning Glory

image via wikipedia

Morning Glory dies

Yes, here comes the rain again

Morning glorified

8 replies on “Haiku 1: Morning Glory”

There is something I really like about you, and your attitude, my dear frustrated journalist!! You have a gift for writing, but even more you have a gift for making me feel better after I’ve wondered around on your site for a while or two or three. I have therefore wrote a sonnet with you in mind, and a short piece also, on which it is based. Both are dedicated to you. They will appear on my site just after midnight pacific time, which is about 18 or 19 hours from now.

The sonnet will link here: and the introduction will link here:

Small thanks for inspiring me and cheering me up as well!

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