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Tanka Filipino 1: Cybercrime Law

Ang Cybercrime Law

Bakit ba minadali?

Ba’t di napansin?

Libel ay isiningit

Tan(ga)ka ba Senado?

“Tanka, the 5-line lyric poem of Japan is quickly becoming popular in the English-language poetry community. Like haiku, its shorter cousin, tanka usually is well-grounded in concrete images but also is infused with a lyric intensity and intimacy that comes from the direct expression of emotions, as well as from implication, suggestion, and nuance. If you already write haiku and have ever wanted to add commentary to your verses, tanka is the form for you! The tanka aesthetic is broad and all-encompassing. You can write on virtually any subject and express your thoughts and feelings explicitly.” –


6 replies on “Tanka Filipino 1: Cybercrime Law”

How interesting, my dear frustrated journalist! Recently, I’ve been reminded by visiting someone’s blog that another take on haiku is “word oriented” rather than syllabic. Of late, I’ve tried my hand at this, and I shall, in due course, investigate this other of which you write.

Hi and thanks for liking my latest poem including a series of Tankas. I just realised on browsing through your website and reading this that I had never gathered all my tankas together. Now thanks to visiting your website I have decided to create a separate page called Tanka where I put a link to all my Tankas. Keep well and keep writing.

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