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It’s September and it’s International Coastal Clean-up Month

It’s September and it’s International Coastal Clean-up Month


This year’s International Coastal Cleanup is slated on September 21, 2013.  Asel Punzalan narrates his experience on ICC 2005 to encourage everybody to participate in the incoming cleanups.

September 17, 2005 (Saturday)

I was assigned to look over my co-San Pedro East Rotaractors regarding our participation in the 20th International Coastal Cleanup (ICC)- “Our future, Our Success.” The program would start at around 7:00 in the morning (this is according to a source) in Fishport, La Huerta, Parañaque City.

Given the authority, I told the company, “Ala-singko hanggang 5:30 sa Jolibee Alabang.  Ang hindi sisipot, wag nang magpakita sa akin.  Iiwanan na lang ang late!” and I did it with conviction.  (Let’s meet in Jolibee Alabang, 5:00 to 5:30 AM.  To those who won’t fulfill their promise, I don’t want to see your faces again.)

On that very important day (ICC), a familiar voice dumbfounded me from my…

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People Need to Stop Torturing Themselves with Negativity

Save yourself. Read this.

Talin Orfali Ghazarian

In the past week with a lot of negative posts to me by a couple of people who keep spamming my blog posts with terrible comments that are so negative, I thought I bring this topic up with why people torture themselves with negativity? I have taken out all that negativity in my life and I did not let it effect me, I stood up for myself and for my rights. It is a tough battlefield out there with negativity, and with cruel and insensitive people toward others. I am not letting those things bother me and torture myself with other peoples hate words. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and I am happy with myself and who I am. People shouldn’t put themselves down, if you keep on being negative, and always saying I am not good enough for someone, somethings and I cannot…

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Things A Son Should Know Before He Turns 18 and Leave Your Side (A Repost)

Family and friends know how much I love making a list. From list of things to do to list of things to live by and lists of what to buy today or in the near future. I write article with all kinds of lists that have included the list of the most beautiful liberal art colleges to smart and beautiful politicians and even the most worthy WAGS. So when I read an article of a mom with a list of what she considered all the things she thought she must give for her son, I loved it. Though I do not remember if it was a blog post or an article but it certainly stayed in my mind and I vowed that one day I would also make one for my son.
As my son grows older there is a certain satisfaction in me because we have come this far but there is also a degree of fear that my kind of rearing may have done a damage or two. Looking at my son and how he interacts with society, I think I can give myself a pat because he turned out right.
Still, I can’t help but worry that in the future he might make a mistake. Am not saying he is not entitled to make mistakes, it is a fact of life that we often make mistakes and we must learn from it. There are mistakes though that should not be made if only we have ingrained these facts for them.
Here is a list of must-not and must-do’s that I thought any son should know before he turns 18 and leaves the home.
  1. The world does not revolve around you. You are just a speck in the microcosm, so don’t expect people to do things for you. You have to work hard to reach your goal; nobody is going to hand it to you. Be aware of what is going around you.
  2. The old lady next to you is someone else’s mom. Open the door or carry her bag and remember that someone else may be doing it for your mom, right this very moment.
  3. Real men wear aprons. The stove and washing machine does not recognize the hands that use them. Learn how to use both these appliances. It may save you from hunger and dirty clothes one of these days.
  4. You do not have a maid; learn to pick up your dirty clothes.
  5. When you make a promise, keep it. Your word of honor is something to be proud of.
  6. It’s alright to get mad but it is not right to use your fists to settle disagreements.
  7. Keep yourself clean, shower daily, trim your nails, and use your deodorant. Do not wear anything from the dirty laundry basket.
  8. It is okay to make a stand especially on issues that matter even when everyone else is silent. Know what these are.
  9. Treat girls as they are meant to be treated; they have brains as well as personality, not just bodies.
  10. There has never ever been a good reason enough for you to break up with a girl over the phone. Have the decency, and guts, to talk with her personally.
  11. Break up first before you get into another relationship. Remember you have cousins and you would not want any boy to treat them that way, too. Karma is a bitch.
  12. Real women do not look like Victoria Secret angels. Just take a look at your mom.
  13. Always keep a condom in your wallet; it can save your life.
  14. Don’t drink and drive. If you are drunk, never get behind the wheel.
  15. You are never too old to use the good manners you learned when you were young.
  16. You were taught table manners, use them.
  17. Peer pressure is something all of us have experienced. You will, too. Resisting the pressure and dare to be “man enough” to participate in something wrong will be difficult. The pull to be one with them is a temptation that will be hard to resist. Resisting though will make a man out of you and surrendering to such a “dare” is cowardice. Read #8.
  18. Texting while driving is a big no-no. SEXTING is a bigger offense.
  19. NEVER use the words gay and nigger in a derogatory manner. Respect people no matter what race, faith or preference, they are people just like you.
  20. Admitting your fault or mistake does not make you less of a man. So does showing your feelings.
  21. It would be so beautiful if you can and will always win but this is reality, learn to accept losing with grace.
  22. Enjoy life, in fact, live life to the fullest. Be happy and know that I am always here for you.
  23. And lastly, be the man that I believe you are. Always remember I love you.
Note that this is not in order of importance because I feel that these are all important for my son to know. For those with their own list, do share it with me and all the other readers.
While looking for a photo to include in this blog post, I saw this beautiful and inspiring blog update 25 Rules for Mothers of Sons and I knew I just had to comment and include this in my post, especially for new mothers, though anyone can actually adapt this list, whether she has a son or daughter.
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SPEJA Feature Writing Winners (ad verbatim)

Theresa Lopez, Undercovered

(Third Place)

Maria Theresa A. Lopez

          Talking about herself and the ups and downs of her life, Ms. Lopez takes a trip to the memory lane.

          As a child, she grew up from a family close to God.  Her mother and father belong to a Christian community, as well as her brother and sister.

          When she started schooling, she has received many awards and is a consistent honor student.  “It’s hard to grow up in a family of five ’cause you have to live up to the expectations of your parents and there’s so much pressure.”, says Theresa.  But even if she found it hard, it didn’t stop her from doing her best.

           In her high school years, she had a hard time adjusting to the changes.  Cliques, dramas, and the likes are all there.  “I used to be an outcast because my classmates hate me.”, she shares.

          Being an outcast is hard and sometimes traumatic.  I asked her how she coped with it.  “Well, at first I asked myself, Why me?  but I realized that I’ve been trying so hard to fit in and in order for me to do that, I have to be someone else.  That’s when I told myself to stop and just be myself and if they don’t like the real me, then I don’t need them.”

          As she takes a sip of water, I asked, “You’ve been through a lot and yet you are sitting here with  a smile on your face like you’ve never been hurt.  Is that one of your strengths?”  She replied, “I guess so.  But my mom and dad raised me to be strong so I don’ think of it as one of my strengths.”  “Well, then what are your strengths?”, I queried.  “Hmm. I’ve always been tough and easy to approach to and I’m loyal.”, she replied.

          Being more engrossed in our conversation, I asked her of her weaknesses.  “I trust a person way too much for my own good.”, she replied with smile twinkling in her eyes.

          I also asked what are the opportunities for her.  “I can adjust to the kind of people I am with.”, she replied.  “When there are opportunities, there are also limitations, so what are yours?”, I asked.  “I get mad easily and sometimes very vulgar and violent.”, she replied while laughing.

         “Coping up with the hardships in life is not easy.  But then again, it’s God’s way of making sure you remember Him.” -Theresa Lopez



Slices of a Busy Life

(Second Place)

Gillian Rey A. Cara

         ” Given the chance to live my life again, I’ll always choose to be my own critic.”

          These are her words to live by.  As I approached this lady for an interview, I can feel her anticipation, laced with anxiety.  As she nervously shuffled around, I felt that she was planning the rest of her day.  That was no doubt though, because she’s one of the busiest people around school.  She’s Gillian Rey Cara, a campus journalist, choir president and science curriculum student.

          And so my interview with her commenced.  I inquired about her abilities with which she responded with a shy smile.  “Well, I don’t have any abilities, but the good Lord has given me the gift of language and the soul of music.”  With that I saw a playful twinkle flash across her brown eyes.  “But that’s not all.”, she added.  “I also has the misfortune to be very clumsy and shy.”  Upon hearing this, I laughed softly.  Because right there and then, I discovered that a student of such caliber also has weaknesses.  “But nevertheless, I still feel very blessed.”  That sparked my interest, so I wished to know these blessings she spoke of.  “Oh that.  Well, I was born normal, if that counts!  But seriously, they say that I’ve got a commanding air that lands me anywhere I want.  But I doubt that.”, she laughed.  However, I noticed that she winced.  I just asked her about it and she said, “Oh, don’t mind it.  It’s just that I have a lot of back pain hat interferes with the relationship I have with my myriad of work.”

         After asking a lot about her profile.  I decided that I must also know her work.  “I juggle between being a jovial choir president, a trusty journalist and a busy student, trying to clock in 32 hours a day.”, she replied.  Cool.  Upon hearing that, I realized- that must be hard.  But here she was, squeezing me and my interview in her long list of activities.  When I asked her how she was able to do so, she said, “You just have to love what you’re doing.  A task becomes a hobby if you’re happy with it.”  With this, I thanked her and we parted.  She immediately dashed off to her next task.  What a busy lady she was.

          As I thought about my encounter with her, I realized that a little time management can go a long way.  Having said that, I view time management as an essential tool to get through the day without mishap.  I learned from her that it’s not just all work and no play.  You’ve just got to work quick, then play!



Who Am I?

(Second Place)

Sarah Grace L. Baltazar

          How well do you know yourself?

          I interviewed someone to see how well she knows herself.  As I asked her what her strengths are, she proudly told me that she is good in singing, writing, studying and playing volleyball and table tennis.  She exhibits a positive outlook in life.  She faces challenges with a smile.  She loves the Lord unconditionally and trusts Him completely.

          When I asked her for her weakness, she answered with a grin.  Her only weakness is seeing her mom and sister cry.  It pains her when she sees them cry making her feel useless and helpless.  She is an adopted child.  The family she has is her mom and sister.  As much as possible, she will do everything to make them happy.  Problems are too many to carry all by herself.  But that doesn’t stop her to pursue her ambitions and dreams.  There are many opportunities around her.  One of her cousins offered help and is willing to get her as soon as she finish her studies.  She can go to abroad and then get her mom and sister after two years.  Problem is, they do not have money to spend on her studies.  So she applied to many schools and took scholarship exams.  Hopefully, she passed one of them.  One threat she has is that they are financially disabled.  That hinders her from everything but she never questioned God and trusted Him for everything.  As of now, she’s doing her best, studying and aiming for the best.

          How well do you know yourself?

            If you are letting problems hinder you from pursuing your dreams then think again.  As for the girl I interviewed, she said that problems are there to make us stronger.  We should let God be the center of our life and give everything in His hands.  He will show us many wonderful things if we believe in Him.  From the bible verse Romans 8:28,  “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.



An Interview with a Stranger

(First Place)

Christine Faith C. Gabuya

          We are all united as one; we live in the same place, same time, same planet.  We all have our objectives and not a single one of them are alike.  Similar to our purpose, we too, have our own characteristics, rare and can never be found in someone else.  At least that is what I have pondered after an interrogation with this one person I just recently knew.

          The room was dark.  I sat beside her in the cold draft of the room that was let in by the window panes.  I stood there optimistic, hoping that I would probably get something useful and inspiring from her.  I was at my best- hair combed, face powdered and dressed to impress.  But when I saw her, she was pale.  She had short black hair like me and she was wearing the exact same dress that I had on.  The only difference between me and her is that on her face, one cannot simply trace the gaze of happiness.  Her eyes were dull and stared blankly at nothing.  I wouldn’t believe that I could be a person like that.

         So there, since I was desperate for this article to be included in our school paper, I started the interview right away.

          I sat in front of her.  As  I stared to her face, she stared directly to mine.  It was like at every direction I would look at, her blank gaze would follow.  Despite of this, I started the conversation to break the ice.

          I greeted her good evening and asked if she won’t mind if I ask her some questions for the paper.  She stared long at me before opening her mouth to say something.  She nodded her head and stared at me with a grin.  At this part, I was frightened.  This person was a stranger to me.  I have been close with my family and friends, but this person,  she was completely alien to me.

          I felt the comfort of my chair.  And so the interview started.  I asked her what her strengths and weaknesses are and she answered with a smile that she is just like me.  I whispered to myself in complete shock of how she knew who I was.  I sat in silence and listened to her response.

          She told me that she lives with her grandparents.  Her parents are too careless to take care of her so she lives with her grandparents.  They love and care for her very much so that is why she thinks that is a strength to her.  And in addition, she told me that another strength of her is her deep faith and trust to her friends, family and God.

          I asked her about her weakness.  Pessimism, that is the only word that she spoke of and soon expanded it by saying that in all her life, she was living with the darkness, consuming here all up and she described that it doesn’t seem to leave her alone.

          Finally, I asked for the opportunities and threats in her surroundings.  She told me that opportunities never run out and so does the threats., she dead panned.  She explained that threats often outweigh opportunities.  I wanted her to make clear of what she just said but she might get upset.  But I was so desperate.  So I asked her and found out that opportunity for her, is at the same time threat for her- her school life.  She pointed to me the phone accessories given by her cliques and friends, and also she pointed the slashes she made on her left wrist caused to her by the latter.

          Before I was with my interview, she whispered something to my ear, that I should not let her on my way.  Her black dilated pupils were staring directly into my soul.  I was terrified.

          My grandmother suddenly called out to me for dinner.  I told her I was coming.  I stood up from my seat and in the mirror, I saw the girl disappear before my eyes as I hurried downstairs.

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A Place Called Paradise

Heaven…Glory…Ecstasy…Delight…Joy…Bliss…These words depict Paradise. A place we all want to be in.  A place we all dream of.

However, the Rotaract Club of San Pedro East knows a different paradise.  Yes, there are still birds singing, trees dancing, bees buzzing… but not enough to be called Real Paradise.

A twenty-minute jeepney ride and a ten-minute walk from San Pedro town proper, Sitio Paradise rests in a hilly luscious green terrain south of San Vicente, San Pedro, Laguna.  It is only a half-hour journey but getting to Paradise is not at all that delightful.  One must traverse the rocky roads of far-flung Southside of the neighboring Barangay San Antonio– the site of the infamous Dumpsite and he must cope with the stench of rotting garbage and the habitual sting of spinning dust both so created to really infiltrate your nostrils.  It is just a ten minute trek but getting to Paradise is not at all that glorious– one must wrestle with the steep muddy slopes and the sharp-bladed grass vegetation of the sitio.

The mangangalahig in Paradise Dumpsite and Southside Dumpsite are the common residents. The land owner of the sitio is said to be a rich and  well-known politician. Being informal settlers, they are not permitted to build decent homes. Building houses of stone and concrete are tightly monitored since the shelters are subject to demolition anytime.  The source of electricity is centralized and is closely checked for consumption and safety. Clean water is being bought and fetched from an owner of electric pump in the neighboring piggery farm. Children are mostly out-of-school because of poverty, long distance and absence of inexpensive transportation.

A passing dumptruck makes the RACSPEans hold their breath for quite some time
Hey, here's the cam. Where are you looking at?
Cassava, banana, madre de cacao vegetates the trail
We Shall Return. The RACSPE Landing.
Jeff, Marny, Thony, Khit and Toyo

Of course, RACSPE is more than willing and able enough to deal with these ordeals.  For the nth time, the club visits the Paradise.

Paradise is one of the adopted communities of RACSPE.  Since RY 2004-2005, Paradise has been one of the community service priorities of RACSPE.

From the ground-breaking of its Day Care Center to the distribution of school needs, RACSPE is always in Paradise to help.

Just recently on August 17, 2009 the club did a series of projects in Paradise.  The idea began with a plain plan of having a survey for the  World Community Service (WCS) but the club still found it necessary to bring and do something simultaneously with the  original plan.  The club packed assorted school supplies, cooked the famous vitameal and prepared for an interactive encounter with the Day Care students.

Ms. Jane Atanoso, a barangay health worker and Ms. Lydia Atanoso, the teacher assisted the club.

Allan, Rival, Mark in the frontline
Toyo, Allan, Matthew and Jeff hurdles the trail
The Paradise Day Care Center and the Paradise makeshift Chapel
"The boat is sinking. Group yourselves into two." -Toyo
The kids take their snacks before the games begin
Mayotoes, Mayonaisse, Mayoshoulder, Mayohead
Rtr. Allan attends to the kids' needs.
Storytelling ala Rtr. Mark Angelo Nato. Rtrs. Juan, Ryan and Khit listen carefully.
Rtr. Anthony teaches a kid how to write
Rtr. Matthew helps the girl draw a tree
Rtr. Khit up closely observes her "little sister"
Rtr. Allan watches as a kid draws
Rtr. Marny shares a decent laughter with akid
RACSPE, Ms. Lydia Atanoso and the Paradise Kids
Wacky time
The Infamous Jumpshot


And this is the video I made for this particular project:

Commentaries Features Medium- English Rotary Family The Brown Farmer

My First Project as a Rotarian

I am still hesitant to join the Rotary Club of San Pedro East. Pecuniary matters perhaps are the most pertinent factors. The Rotary axiom states that one must have the 3 T’s to share for him to join the Rotary Family. The first T is Time. Everybody has enough Time in this world unless one is working twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Then, my best friend Webster must delete the word “busy” in his list. It is just a matter of time management. The second T is Talent. Everybody has his own inherent and unique talent unless… No, there is no unless clause. It is just a matter of … Talent Management? The saying “If you are good at something never do it for free.” is not only popular but also selfish. Joker must be joking when he uttered this statement in Batman sequel The Dark Knight. Then, my better friend Wikiquote must delete this irresponsible hearsay in his file. The third T is Treasure. Yes, treasure as in wealthMoney. This time, not everybody has enough money to share. However, a little Treasure can go a long, long way with ample Time and resourceful Talent.

I am still hesitant to join the Rotary Club of San Pedro East.

December 22, 2010. Last working day in the office (Read as: Last FB day in the office) before Christmas vacation. Being an Accounting Manager, I have flexible time. My morning routine: sitting in the doorway of my house with a cup of coffee and a lit cigarette and the compulsive tending of my little garden. Yes, my little garden built through my obsessive and petty thefts of plant stock in places I have been to as a Rotaractor.  No wonder why the names of plants are Tanauan, Taal-Lemery, Sta. Rosa, Cabuyao, Calamba, Bay, Lucena, Caluag, (CWC) and so on… named either after the Host Rotaract Clubs or the Places where the Rotaract events were held in (except for that one named after an important person). (Huwag mo‘kong tanungin kung sino basta  kapangalan siya ng aso at multo sa bahay)

The unreliable clock rang a quarter before eight in the morning. It was time to take the bath and head for my last FB day in the office. But the Incoming President of the Rotary Club of San Pedro East told me that they would be holding a project in Mary, Mother of Mercy Home for the Elderly and the Abandoned. With no hesitation, I iron-pressed my unused and a good-for-display-only Rotary Vest. With so much pride, I donned the vest with the most precious Rotary Wheel embedded on.

Notwithstanding, I managed to drop by the office- not to FB but to supervise my staff about what-to-do’s.

The Mary Mother of Mercy is a non- profit, non-government foundation taking care of the physical, medical, spiritual needs and concerns of the elderly and abandoned for ten years. Located in San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna, it is presently home to 29 residents coming from different parts of the country who are ministered by the missionary nuns of St. Francis Xavier.  See related articles

The Rotaract Club of San Pedro East has been helping the Home since Rotary Year 2004-2005.

As usual, it was  the landscape and the plants that first got my attention.  I approach one Lola who was tending the Home’s garden. The garden was not that big but a certain species won my central vision.   Lola said that the name of the plant is Roselle.  She added that the plant is grown for its leaves used as “pampaasim’ in “sinigang”.  According to her the mother seeds were from Burma and were brought by the Burmese sisters.  Lately did I realize that it was known in Tagalog as Kulatsitsi.

After the Rotary and the Rotaract Club of San Pedro East gave their Christmas presents, I went back home to add my new find in my little garden collection.

Notwithstanding, I managed to drop by the office- not to FB but to do this blog.  Pictures to follow.

Features Medium- English Rotary Family


President Sonny C. Urfano took his oath of office as the eighth president of  RACSPE  on August 08, 2009.

Along with him in the Visionary Team who likewise accepted responsibilities are Vice Pres. Joanne Sidamon, Secretary/President Elect Francis Gutierrez, Deputy Secretary Kirby Fortuna, Treasurer Cris Nuñez, Auditor Allan Sorbito, Community Service Director I Carlo del Monte, Community Service Director II  Jeff Morales, Club Service Director I/ IPP Asel Punzalan, Club Service Director II Marney Fajardo, Professional Development Director Ronell Laud, Professional Development Director II Hannah Siman, International Service Director IPP Cristine Reyes , International Director II Jalyn Arciaga   and CICO Radney Hernandez  .

RACSPE was chartered on October 17, 2002 by its Sponsoring Rotary Club– the Rotary Club of San Pedro East .  Tracy Bedico was the Charter President. The club was considered one of the Outstanding Rotaract Clubs in RI District 3820.  In RY 2003-2004, CP Tracy repeated  the leadership and maintained its status of being outstanding.

Charter President Tracy Bedico

The Rotary International celebrated 100 years in RY 2004-2005 with the theme “Celebrate Rotary” and District Rotaract Chairman (DRC) Felimon “Mhon” Brazas was then elected as President.  Fresh from Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (APRRC) 2004 in Hongkong, DRC Mhon took the club to new heights when he initiated remarkable service projects.

PP Felimon Brazas Jr.
The Pioneers of Change
RY 2004-2005 Sportsfest
Taking Responsibility the Hawaiian Way

The most notable was “Give A Toy, Share A Joy.”  This project aimed to reach out to underprivileged children through ABS-CBN’s Bantay-Bata Foundation.  The club solicited toys and other goodies for that purpose but through the course of donation a turn   of events happened.   Bantay-Bata refused to accept the club’s donation.  Instead, the foundation gave the club a truckload of toys and relief goods.  RACSPE thought that there was no better way of distributing the goods but  to give them to the kids of Southside Dumpsite in San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna. The dumpsite was San Pedro’s version of the infamous Payatas.  Other non-government organizations supported this project. Among them were Philippine National Red Cross, Junior Philippine Institute of  Accountants-San Pedro College of Business Administration (JPIA-SPCBA), NSTP-SPCBA and Junior Business Executive Council (JBEC-SPCBA).

Several Community Service projects followed.  Meritorious ones were Bigay Puso sa Preso, Visit to Homes for the Aged, Medical and Dental Missions, Anti-rabies Campaign, Anti-Dengue Drive, Disaster Preparedness Seminars, Drugs Awareness Programs and Oplan Kaluluwa.

Give A Toy, Share A Joy
Bigay Puso sa Preso
The Young Once (Visit on Home for the Aged)
Medical Mission
Anti-Rabies Campaign
Anti-dengue Drive
Anti-dengue Drive
Oplan Kaluluwa
Adoption of Paradise Day Care Center
Adoption of Paradise Day Care Center
PP Asel unloads the armchairs for the Day Care Center
Southside Chapel Rehabilitation
Southside Dumpsite Kids Retreat
Give A Toy Share a Joy in Manila
Give a Toy Share a Joy in Manila Zoo
Give a Toy Share a Joy in Nayong Pilipino
Give a Toy Share a Joy in Harrison Plaza, Manila
VP Ramiro Latagan tends the ABS-CBN Foundation Relief Goods
PP Zyra, Dir. Amelia and Dir. Lala deliver service at all cost
Hail, hail the club is all here!
At play in Southside Dumpsite
Give a Toy Share A Joy Side Dish

RY 2004-2005 was also the club’s Advocacy Year for Environment Conservation.  The club actively participated in the International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) 2005.  RACSPE helped in cleaning the stretch of Manila Bay in Lahuerta, Parañaque.  Others were the Cuyab River Clean-up. Narra River Clean-up, Tree Planting and various Environmental Fora.

Narra River Clean-up
Adoption of Narra River, RACSPE's First Entry to RI Recognition of Rotaract Outstanding Project, RY 2004-2005
Calendola Clean-up
Calendola Clean-up
Calendola Clean-up
Sto. Niño Clean-up and Anti-Dengue Drive
Sto. Niño Clean-up Drive
Sto. Niño Clean-up Drive
Sto. Niño Clean-up and Anti-Dengue Drive
Anti-Dengue Drive, Calendola
Cuyab River Clean-up
Cuyab River Clean-up
Cuyab River Clean-up
Cuyab River Clean-up
International Coastal Clean-up (ICC), Manila Bay
Oplan Green Highways
Oplan Green Highways
Oplan Green Highways
Oplan Green Highways

Nonetheless, the club did not take for granted the development of its members.  Numbers of  Club Service projects were aimed to hone each Rotaractor’s   talents and skills and  were also geared for greater camaraderie and stronger bond.  Yoga session, mountain climbing, swimming, Sports involvement were among other significant forms of  the club’s fellowship.

RACSPE in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas with RAC Downtown Batangas
Mt. Maculot, Cuenca, Batangas
Mt. Maculot
3820 Sportsfest
3820 Paintball Games, Greenfield, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Pahiyas Festival, Lucban, Quezon

To further enhance the communication, The First Light– the Official Newsletter of  the Rotaract Club of San Pedro East was born in the same RI Year.  Past President Asel Punzalan who was then the Club Service Director was the first Editor-in-chief.

The First Light

RACSPE bagged its first RID 3820 Most Outstanding Rotaract Club Award.

Most Outstanding Rotarct Club, RID 3820, RY 2004-2005

After the Centennial Year of RI, the first RI Theme “Service Above Self” resurfaced in RY 2005-2006.  DRC Mhon  retained the leadership and was appointed RID 3820 Laguna Area Representative.  Since then Laguna reached its peak of service excellence as the Rotaract Clubs of Laguna became one and united in carrying out joint projects and fellowships.  Laguna Handshake became popular.

At the club level, RACSPE continued its signature projects and even surpassed prior years performance. Club Service Director Asel Punzalan authored “R U 1 of Us?” R U 1 of Us? is a Quiz Bee on Rotary and Rotaract in general and in specific issues, concerns and events in RID 3820. The Quiz bee was introduced in an Area Meeting hosted by Bae Sentral and was supposed to be staged at Area Level only.  However,  DRC Mhon found it necessary to open the bee for the whole district.  The first R U 1 of Us? was hosted by the Rotaract Clubs of Bae Sentral and the first person who proved that she was  “really one of  us” was PP Alma Balahadia of the Rotaract Club of Tanauan.

APRRC 2005 was held in Taiwan and was attended by DRC Mhon, Dir. Anna Murillo and IPP Tin Reyes.

RACSPE hit again and took home its second RID 3820 Most Outstanding Rotaract Club Award.

Sevice Above Self MORCA

Zyra Mae Ordoño toed the line of DRC Mhon in RY Year 2006-2007 as she assumed the presidency guided by the Theme “Lead The Way”.  DRC Mhon was then the District Rotaract Representative (DRR).  With the help of  the DRR, Pres. Zyra led the way and made  RACSPE even more formidable.  She became the District Secretary and at the same time the Editor-in-Chief of The Discerning Eye, the Official Newsletter of the Rotaract Clubs of District 3820.  She even designed the District Rotaract Emblem and authored the District Theme-Live, Serve and Share.

PP Zyra Ordoño-Bambico

Pres. Zyra tied the club with various national and international organizations like Greenpeace.

DRC Mhon, on the other hand pioneered several District Service Projects and made them closer to Bicol Area.  He facilitated relief operations in the most disaster-prone region in the country.

Furthermore, DRC Mhon led District 3820 to international recognition.  He was the Vice-Chair of APRRC Pilipinas-2006 held in Tagaytay City during which the District Anthem- Live, Serve and Share was first heard.  The anthem was written by PP Deney Gene Molino of RAC Tanauan, arranged by PP Geraldine Tenorio of RAC Cabuyao Circle and sung by Dir. VJ Sayson of RACSPE.  The performance was given a noteworthy outstanding ovation.  From then on, the district became popular to other districts.

PP Cristine “Tina” Reyes stepped into the limelight when she accepted the leadership in RY 2007-2008– Rotary Shares.  Tina carried on with the trademark projects of the club.

PP Cristina Reyes
World Rotaract Week Celebration
Tagaytay fellowship
Typhoon Rosing Relief Operation
Typhoon Rosing relief Operation
Radio Station Tour
Medical Mission
Maaga ang Pasko
Bigay Puso sa Paslit
Big Ate and Kuya with RAC Manila Metro
International Coastal Clean Up

DRC Mhon was sent by the District to Michigan, U.S.A. as member of the Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team.  Multi-District Information Organization was born and DRC Mhon was elected as the founding secretary.

RY 2007-2008 marked another milestone for RACSPE as the club accomplished new projects and bagged numerous awards and recognition.  The club brought home medals from the MDIO Magic Badminton Cup through the playing prowess of DRC Mhon and Pres. Tina.  Pres. Tina spearheaded joint projects with sister clubs RAC Manila and Manila Metro. A Rotaractor from Budapest Hungary  visited the District and was highly esteemed.

The club hosted R U 1 of Us?  IPDRR Megs Abarca of RAC Lucena South bagged the gold.  On the other hand, Dir. VJ clinched Rotaract Idol Title.

APRRC 2007 was held in Kuala Lumpur and was attended by DRC Mhon, Pres. Tina and Dir. Ramiro Latagan.

Pres. Tina added the fourth Most Outstanding Rotaract Club Award to RACSPE’s collection.

Rotary Shares MORCA
Rotary Shares MORCA

RY 2008-2009 came with the theme “Make Dreams Real.”  Asel Punzalan took the responsibility of leading  the club.

PP Asel Punzalan

DRC then joined the Rotary Club of San Pedro East and was appointed Deputy District Rotaract Chairman (DDRC).  Pres. Asel chaired the District Bulletin Committee and PP Zyra acted as Deputy District Secretary.

The club carried on its trademark projects and opened the same to its sister clubs within and without the District and its sister clubs did the same. Among them were RACs  Manila, Manila Metro, Parañaque Metro Kapwa, Parañaque East Paragon, Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Cebu South, Tanauan, Calamba Central and Metro Lucena.

Pres. Asel conceptualized Journalism 101 to help the clubs in the District in establishing their own Rotaract bulletins.  MDIO Magic Badminton Cup opened again and DRC Mhon, Rotaractors Tolits and Jolas earned medals.  R U 1 of Us? was won by its author Pres. Asel while Sec. Francis Gutierrez and Dir. Cris Nuñez placed third and fourth respectively.  Furthermore, Sec. Francis ended third placer in the Rotaract Idol.

APRRC 2008 was done in Bali, Indonesia and was participated by DRC Mhon, Pres. Asel and Pres. Sonny.   Copies of The Discerning Eye were distributed to other districts through the effort of  DRR Megs and Pres. Asel.

R U 1 of Us?
Chosen Children Village Visit
Journalism 101
LA Mesa Ecopark Treeplanting
Sports Clinic
Propa-Ganda Project with RAC Metro Lucena
RACSPE-RAC Parañaque Metro-Kapwa Sisterhood Agreement
Milk Feeding with Wyeth, RAC Parañaque Metro-Kapwa
Milk Feeding with Wyeth, RAC Parañaque Metro-Kapwa
Milk Feeding with Wyeth, San Pedro
RACSPE-RAC Manila Sisterhood Agreement
Gawad Rotaract
RACSPE-RAC Cebu South Sisterhood Agreement
APRRC Indonesia
APRRC Indonesia, Bali Beach Clean-up
Chosen Children Village Visit with RAC Manila

The year was culminated by having the District Turn-over and Awarding Ceremony (DTAC) during the District Assembly (DISTASS).  DRR Megs gave recognition and awards to exemplary efforts of the clubs in the district.

DRC Mhon earned recognition for being DDRC, Pres. Zyra for being DDS and Pres. Asel for being the Bulletin Chair.

RACSPE  got the Meritorious and the Best in Community Service Projects Awards and to top it all– the Most Outstanding Rotaract Club Award, the last being the fifth in   RACSPE’s  winning streak.

Make Dreams Real MORCA

As the RY 2009-2010 unfolds with its theme “The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands”, Pres. Sonny lays out his plans and programs several notches    higher than the past achievements of RACSPE.

PP Sonny Urfano

President Sonny C. Urfano took his oath of office as the eighth president of  RACSPE  on August 08, 2009.

Along with him in the Visionary Team who likewise accepted responsibilities are Vice Pres. Joanne Sidamon, Secretary/President Elect Francis Gutierrez, Deputy Secretary Kirby Fortuna, Treasurer Cris Nuñez, Auditor Allan Sorbito, Community Service Director I Carlo del Monte, Community Service Director II  Jeff Morales, Club Service Director I/ IPP Asel Punzalan, Club Service Director II Marney Fajardo, Professional Development Director Ronell Laud, Professional Development Director II Hannah Siman, International Service Director IPP Cristine Reyes , International Director II Jalyn Arciaga   and CICO Radney Hernandez  .

Racspe bagged the Rotary International District 3820 RY 2009-2010 Most Outstanding Rotaract Club Award as the club topped the chart with 100% score.

The prestigious award was formally given to the club during the RID 3820 District Recognition and Awards Ceremony in Alabang Golf and Country Club on May 2010. Four other major awards were also handed to RACSPE.

Racspe won with 100 % grade.  On the other hand , several clubs were named Outstanding.

A specially designed pointing system was used.  Corresponding points were given for every project and were weighted according to category.  Community Service projects were given weight of 30%, Club Service projects were weighted 15%, International Service projects-30%, Professional Development-15% and Public Image-10%.   The club who got the highest percentage was named as Most Outstanding Club while those who earned significant percentages were hailed Outstanding.

In addition, Racspe was awarded with four Special Awards.  The club got the Best in Club Service Projects Award with its Ako ang Pagbabago Campaign.. The slogan was launched in Youtube, Facebook and other social networks to encourage Filipinos start the necessary change. Youth Empowerment, the club’s photo exhibit in SM Muntinlupa won Best Public Image Project.  Project Hope for the Kids of the Dump earned two citations.  This project was named Best in Community Service Project and Best in International Service Project.  Project Hope was the entry of Racspe to RI Recognition of Rotaract Outstanding Projects in RY 2009-2010.  RACSPE failed to be recognized.  Notwithstanding, its Sister Club, RAC Manila won the Over-all International Rotaract Outstanding Project with its Ondoy Massive Relief Operation.

Children and Women Center
Big Ate and Kuya with RAC Manila Metro
VitaMeal feeding
Ondoy Relief Operation
Ondoy Relief Operation
Ondoy Relief Operation
Ondoy Relief Operation
Ondoy Relief Operation
Ondoy Relief Operation
Ondoy Relief Operation

Summary of PP Sonny’s achievements is best shown in the following videos: